Raquel found me through my Instagram page. Over time, she messaged me telling me how she loved my work and looked forward to talking to me about being her Wedding Photographer. More time passed and we finally met at my studio as I learned more about her and her fiancé, Deontré. I also showed her my work, products (sample Albums, Guestbooks, Wooden USB drive, Canvases, Framed Photographs, Wooden Photographs, Save-The-date cards, Thank You Cards among other items) and pricing. Finally, I informed her about payment schedule as of that day – 50% down on signing contract, 40% 30 days before Wedding and 10% on receiving edited Wedding Photographs and before receiving album. She left my studio saying that they were going to go with me as their Wedding Photographer and just needed to talk to Deontré. After few days, she contacted me saying that Deontré also wanted to come to my studio to see the work she had been raving about before they signed a contract. We set up an appointment.

On the appointment date, Raquel came with Deontré and we had a great time chit chatting as I went through the same process that I had gone through with Raquel when she first visited the studio. After Deontré saw the products and photographs, he got super excited and they decided to sign the contract immediately with a check for 90% of the total charges. Actually, they were ready to pay it all but I told them that, for now, I prefer taking 90% of the total before the Wedding and then receiving the remaining 10% when I finish editing their Wedding Photographs. I was definitely stoked to see their excitement! Thank God! 🙂 I loved their aura, story and how we clicked and couldn’t wait for the Engagement Session. I warned them about how I tend to do whatever it takes from running across streets and laying in the middle of streets in order to make sure that I get great shots. Hence, they had to come to their Engagement Session ready to just have fun and shoot until we got the shots! They said they were ready! 🙂

After going back and forth, we picked a date for their Engagement Session (aka Pre-Wedding Session) in Durham. Raquel graduated from Duke University’s Divinity School and they both loved the idea of shooting in Durham. As a Raleigh Durham Wedding Photographer and an avid Durham lover, I loved their location pick!

Raquel and Deontré arrived at Duke Chapel looking very elegant and dapper! They were not here to play! 🙂 Deontré helped her put on her shoes (which I shot but did not post cos I am not sure if Raquel wants y’all to see her barefooted :)) and we started their Romantic & Fun Engagement Session at Duke Chapel on Duke University’s campus. We then moved to Downtown Durham stopping at American Tobacco District as we freestyled and told their love story by creating some beautiful, creative and timeless photographs! I “tortured” them with fun for 3 to 4 hours or so. 🙂 Ok, maybe not tortured. It was a blast! They were actually ready to keep shooting for as long as I was down. 🙂 Anyways, enough of my long story. LOL. I am looking forward to their Wedding on July 1st.

Big THANKS to my amazing and ever helpful friend, Beverly for her assistance! She definitely made my Downtown Durham session much easier!! 🙂 Also Raquel’s amazing Makeup was done by Makeup Artist Amber Lynne.

Hope you enjoy their gorgeous photos!!

Caught shot of them with their videographer, Tristan, who was simultaneously shooting videos below:

It started raining but hey no need to fear. I let them know that we could actually create some great shots in the rain. I encouraged them to get in and I took advantage of the rain to get what I call dispersion shots here: 🙂

This was my favorite shot of them! I asked him to whisper something to her ears and here is the result of what he whispered. Only God (and Raquel) knows. LOL. I love candid shots!

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