I met Elise & Greg through Ada, a Wedding client of mine. Funny, I met Ada while I was partying at a cookout. 🙂 I ended up photographing her love story and she recommended me to Elise & Greg.

Elise & Greg are both artists. Elise is from Fayetteville and Greg is from Durham. They spent most of their time in Durham. However, their Wedding was going to take place in Fayetteville. Naturally, the adventurer that I am, I convinced them to do an Engagement Session in Fayetteville instead of Durham since I live in Raleigh/Durham. I mean what would be the fun photographing them in my area if there was an opportunity to photo-shoot them somewhere else. I love traveling. 🙂 We only had about 2 or 3 weeks left before their Wedding day but we still made it happen.

I loved Elise’s dress and how it contrasted Greg’s attire. We explored the different parts of Downtown Fayetteville shooting as inspired until late evening. It was their 1st photo-shoot together but they made it look otherwise to me. 🙂 I loved their vibe and we had fun shooting!!  Thanks to my friend, Dolapo and her sister who came out with me from Durham to assist! Hope you enjoy their beautiful photos.

And my favorite shot of the day was:

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