And last of the Natural Hair Bride Showcase series that I worked on with Taji of Taji Salon.

The model for this shoot, Chiquita, works at Taji’s hair salon. She is one of the hairstylists at Taji Salon.

Porsha did her makeup and as usual and her hair was styled by Taji Shabu-Jones of Taji Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina. We started this shoot at my studio aka my living room. 🙂 We, then, moved it to one of my favorite living rooms – my friend’s living room in Cary. I remember asking my friend, Sandra if I could have a photoshoot in her living room. She obliged as she looked at me puzzled saying that she didn’t see why I would want to do a photoshoot in her living room. I told her not to worry about it. 🙂 I had been to her place a couple of times before then and loved the artsy quaintness of her house and living room.

As mentioned in the earlier posts / sessions, my awesomely gifted videographer friend, Johnny Jones, also recorded this session to create a beautiful video of the project here – Natural Hair Bride Video. You should check out the video. Beautifully Sick!! 🙂

As a Wedding & Portrait Photographer & lover of natural hair on black women from all over the world, I hope you enjoy this beautiful project as much as I did. Feel free to leave comments or questions.

The remaining photos below were shot in my friend’s living room in Cary.

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