I am going to start my photo blogging with a project very dear to my heart. This will be a 5-blog series.

Over the years, I have observed that many black ladies with natural hair get weaves for their wedding day. For me, I have always found it quite disheartening. I believe brides with natural hair are as superbly beautiful as those without. And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with a lady wearing weave. I just think it’s quite demoralizing for black ladies with natural hair to see themselves as less amazingly beautiful as when they have on their weaves or wig. Your beauty is on fleek  (I know I didn’t use that right but had to put fleek somewhere in this post :)) with your natural hair just like it is with your weave. Let me not digress too much. 🙂 I just believe God couldn’t have made a mistake making our hair the way He did.

Years ago, as I got into photography, I decided to use my skills to show the beauty of natural hair ladies and brides. Over the years, I talked to Taji of Taji Salon about it. Finally, a while ago, before I got this site together, Taji Salon and I decided to team up to put together a project showcasing the beauty of natural hair on black brides. In the next few weeks, I will be blogging about the 5 bridal portrait sessions that we put together for this project.

The first session was modeled by Samantha and Stan. The makeup was done by Porsha. Hair by Taji Shabu-Jones of Taji Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina. That was my 1st time meeting both models. They were amazing and full of life during the session, though I will say that Stan was, initially, a little camera shy. 🙂

We started at a random field on Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh. It was a field that I noticed a while before the shoot and told myself that I will shoot on some day. That day finally came! 🙂 We then moved on to Seaboard Station near Downtown Raleigh to end the night.

My awesomely gifted videographer friend, Johnny Jones, also recorded this session to create a beautiful video of the project here – Natural Hair Bride Video. You should check out the video. Beautifully Sick!! 🙂

And another brilliant photojournalist friend of mine, Veronique, helped me to come up with the Lovepisode name. I thought it was cool. Hope you do too. 🙂

As a Wedding & Portrait Photographer & lover of natural hair on black women from all over the world, I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did. Feel free to leave comments or questions.

Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-001 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-003 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-005 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-006 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-008 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-010 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-012 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-014 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-016 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-019 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-024 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-026 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-025Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-82Taji-Salon-Kumolu-Studios-International-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-80 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-052Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-050Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-054Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-057Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-060 Taji-Salon-Natural-Hair-Bride-Bridal-Portrait-Kumolu-Studios-Nigerian-Raleigh-Durham-ChapelHill-Photographer-071

More to come!

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