Here is the 2nd part of the Natural Hair Bride Showcase that I worked on with Taji of Taji Salon. Earlier, I posted the 1st part of this showcase and how it came about.

The models for this session were Joy and Caique. They were actually engaged at the time this was shot, so they made life easier. 🙂 Their love story is one for the books. Joy met Caique at a concert when she visited Brazil few years ago. They talked and now walla, their upcoming marriage here in US. 🙂 Love it!! I loved their vibes and how they effortlessly blended with each other!!

The makeup was done by Porsha. Hair by Taji Shabu-Jones of Taji Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina. The plan was to start at Seaboard Station in Raleigh and move somewhere else but we ended up staying there for the entire session. It rained most of the shoot but that is a challenge that I love during the photoshoots – making great shots regardless of rain. 🙂 It forces me to dig deeper and think more creatively.

My awesomely gifted videographer friend, Johnny Jones, also recorded this session to create a beautiful video of the project here – Natural Hair Bride Video. You should check out the video. Beautifully Sick!! 🙂

As a Wedding & Portrait Photographer & lover of natural hair on black women from all over the world, I hope you enjoy this showcase as much as I did. Feel free to leave comments or questions.





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