“God forbid my house is burning…the only things I would grab are my photo albums and hard drives. My hard drive contains some of my photographs from over the years, so that combined with my photo albums are all I need. I can buy another copy of almost everything else that I own but I can never go back to 2 years ago or when I was 5 years old to recapture the same moment or photograph. It is either impossible or it just will never be the same.”

Every close friend or relative of mine has heard me say that at one point or the other. It is this love for capturing moments that last forever that has driven me to photography regardless of my software engineering background. I love capturing moments especially moments in which people are just being themselves and having a great time! I believe those moments are the ones people enjoy the most when looking at their photographs years and years after they were captured.dare-kumolu-johnson-by-zoe-pictures-3

My compositions are real, dynamic and have a very exciting or tranquil feeling. I believe this is why my most requested pictures are candids. I love life, and I love capturing those genuine spontaneous moments of unrestrained laughter, joy and peacefulness.

I know how important your photographs are. And I know how important it is to gel with your photographer. Hence, it is important to do it right. I am here to guide you through the process and I love getting to know people, what’s important to them, etc. Your story helps me to incorporate your personalities into your event and make your images unique to you.

I feel truly blessed to be creating lifetime memories for my clients!

I am currently based in the Raleigh-Durham (otherwise known as the Triangle) area of North Carolina and I am willing to travel to any part of the world to work with clients. I offer wedding photography coverage, family portraits, headshots, general event coverage, photo shoots and on-site photo printing among other photography-related services. You can contact me on phone at 919-559-7406, through email at dare@kumolustudios.com or through my contact page form.

And by the way, the name is Dare (pronounced DahRay) Kumolu-Johnson. :)dare-kumolu-johnson-by-zoe-pictures-2

Photos by my friend, Johnny Jones of Zoe Pictures.