Southern High School’s Events Photos

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This page will have a listing of Southern High School’s events that I photographed over the years. All images are copyrighted and protected by copyright laws.

Quick points

  1. The Senior Walk for 2023 and 2024 are free to download for everyone!!
  2. The galleries with watermarks allow you to to view photos and securely purchase individual downloads or entire galleries (without watermarks). You can also buy prints (without watermarks). Click on the “Buy” icon to purchase photos. The photo downloads (without watermarks) are available for purchase at a large discount of 40% using the code, SSES40. You can use the discount to buy each photo or the entire gallery. An extreme discount that is available to the great Southern Spartan family! 🙂 If you can, view the galleries on your laptops. You get a better viewing and purchase experience on your laptops/desktops than you do on your phones.
  3. Also, an additional perk just for the Southern family is that every time someone buys a photo (or photos), the purchased photo (or photos) will be added to “Purchased Photos” with no watermark. That way, multiple people will not have to purchase a photo (or photos or galleries) to have its (or their) watermark removed. I don’t normally do that.
  4. If you are interested in beautiful professional portraits (Graduation) or events photography (Sweet 16 Birthday, Quinceañera, etc) or know of anyone who is interested, you can contact me through the Contact page here – . Mention that you are from Southern to get a great Southern discount for your services!

More galleries will be published on this page every Friday. Check this page for new galleries every Friday!

2024 Events (Galleries)

2023 Events (Galleries)

More galleries will be published on this page and my gallery page here (under General). Check this page for new galleries every Monday!