I met Brianna at another clients’ Wedding late last year. She was one of the bridesmaids and asked me for my business card after the Wedding. She was engaged and was getting married this year, so she told me she liked what she saw and would be calling me about Photography for her Wedding. A few weeks later or so, she called me and we set up a Google video meeting since they were based in Tennessee. I usually meet with prospective clients in person or over free Google video (for remote couples) to show them my work, products (sample Albums, Guestbooks, Wooden USB drive, Canvases, Framed Photographs, Wooden Photographs, Save-The-date cards, Thank You Cards among other items) and pricing. I met with her and fiancé, Preston over Google video showing them my work and pricing and they immediately decided to go with me for the Wedding Photography. Preston was more reserved and let Brianna do most of the conversing with me. Smart idea. 🙂 Over the next week or so, we signed the contract and settled the deal. It was time to set up their Engagement Session.

With regards to their Engagement Session, they had to pick either Nashville, TN, or Norfolk, VA. Brianna & Preston were based in Nashville but met in Norfolk, Virginia. Preston was a formal Navy officer based in Norfolk. Brianna and her family are from Norfolk and she met Preston while they were out hanging out in Norfolk. I was down for either city cos I love traveling. I did prefer Norfolk cos that was where they met. After discussing, they decided to have their session in Norfolk. I was excited about their choice. That was going to be my 1st time there.

On the day of their Engagement Session, I drove there with my friend and met them in Downtown Norfolk. Brianna and Preston arrived looking casually chic! She had her natural hair in beatuiful twist outs. They were ready! 🙂 I met Preston for the first time and we joked around for a second. Then, we started their Chic Engagement Session few meters from where we met. There were some sk8er bois (I love that song title by Avril Lavigne, so I had to use it :)) skating nearby, so I incorporated them into Brianna & Preston’s shot. Afterward, we walked around different parts of Downtown Norfolk including creating some stories (photos) of them in front of the restaurant that they first met. It was now an Urban Outfitters but that didn’t stop us. 🙂 We also stopped at a beautiful restaurant and created some classic vintage photos!! It was quite a cold day but Preston (and her jacket as you would see) kept Brianna warm. 🙂 We ended the night photographing by the river and by their upcoming Wedding venue – Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center. By then, it was very cold. They somehow roughed it out! 🙂 We had a blast shooting for hours and called it a night after the riverbank shots. 🙂

I am thankful that they really loved their photos and couldn’t stop talking about it!!

Big THANKS to my amazing and ever life saver friend, Beverly for coming through! I put her through the torture of freezing cold!! Sawwy. 🙂 Also thanks to Brianna’s sister, Brittany, who stopped by for moral support. Looking forward to working with her again on the Wedding Day.

I look forward to creating the 2nd part of their love story (Wedding) later this month!! Hope you enjoy their beautiful photos!!


They then changed at a restaurant called Gershwin’s. When Brianna finished changing and came out, she had on an all-white chic and beautiful attire! She came out looking stunning and Preston dapper. I loved it! I thought that when combined with the restaurant’s ambiance (beautiful paintings, artsy wall finishings, piano, MIC, etc), her attire would be perfect to create some vintage-like shots.  I asked the manager if we could use their restaurant to create some beautiful shots and bought a drink. 🙂 He obliged. Brianna & Preston also bought a drink and we made the next set of few photos. I was stoked by how they had so much fun with it!!! 🙂 I always love how couples and I freestyle and flow together to create timeless photographs!!


Brianna changed one more time to a gorgeous sequin dress. Considering Preston’s Naval background and Norfolk being known for being a Navy/Marines town, I knew we had to tell some shipyard love stories as seen in the next few shots. 🙂


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